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This new ink drying method offers sheetfed lithographic printers that currently use conventional oil based inks the possibility to eliminate anti-set off powders. The attraction of instantly dried printed sheets which can be backed up, folded, guillotined, and delivered immediately is too good to ignore. Furthermore LED-UV drying expands the range of substrates that can be printed, with the same inks, to include plastics, films, and foils. Another major advantage compared to conventional drying inks is that halftones do not spread with time, and solid colours do not lose density overnight. This is particularly advantageous when printing on un-coated papers.

Compared to the usual UV drying methods that use arc lamps LED-UV lamps offer lower power consumption, longer lamp life, less heat, no extraction, instant on/off, and no ozone. LED-UV inks never skin up in part used cans or in the ink ducts. They are 100% solid and VOC free.
  Special LED-UV curable inks are required. These inks react to the longer wavelength UV radiation emitted by LED-UV lamps, and cure instantly to a dry state.  
We have developed a complete range of LED-UV curable wet offset, and waterless offset inks, varnishes, primers, and lacquers. There is an LED-UV curable product for all types of wet and waterless offset sheetfed and semi-rotary printing machines.  
Our LED-UV inks can be used to print labels, CD’s/DVD’s, packaging, advertising, brochures, plastic cards, magazines, books, lenticular work, plant labels, point of sale, stickers, wallets, on all types of coated and un-coated papers and boards, and also plastic substrates like PVC, PET, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Vinyl, Polyester, Acrylic, Aluminium Foil, etc.

If you are contemplating a conversion to LED-UV printing and require further information about any aspect, please do not hesitate to contact us



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