Classic Colours Ltd
Quality printing ink manufacturers

Classic Colours was formed in 1989 to formulate and manufacture offset printing inks. As a new company we looked for niche markets and to offer technically superior products in difficult areas such as fluorescent and metallic printing.
Waterless printing was in its infancy in the early 90's, and the only source of ink was from Japan.  We worked with waterless printers in the UK and many in Scandinavia to develop a full range of waterless inks.
We market our waterless inks to many countries worldwide and 5 years ago added waterless UV curing inks to our extensive range.
Every type of ink that is available to the conventional offset printer can now be supplied in a waterless formulation. 
Although waterless inks are the main focus of our development projects, we have not forgotten conventional offset, and continue to improve our ranges of fluorescent and metallic inks for this process.

Classic Graphics Ltd was set up in 2005 to handle waterless plates and other associated consumables.

NB We are constantly developing new products, Information on these new products may not appear on our website, or in technical information sheets, until an update is made.
The variety of uses that our products are suitable for may be affected by new developments. For instance improvements in primer technology may facilitate the use of certain products on materials that were previously unsuitable.

For the very latest information on specific applications please send an email request.

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